Michael is an award winning photographer. He was born in former Czechoslovakia in 1973. He was interested in photography since a very young age and learned basics from his father. His first assignment was at middle school working as a class photographer capturing trips and events using his fathers old Russian camera. This passion for taking pictures never stopped, although, there have been other interests over the years too. After the fall of communism in the country, Michael finally had the chance to see the world. He extensively traveled Europe and since 2002, also the United States. Southwest and National parks of the West Coast are the main focus of his landscape and nature photography. Some of his photographs were published in magazines in Europe and used online by many companies. In order to expand the skills and knowledge in other areas of photography business, he signed up for school. Michael graduated from New York Institute of Photography in 2011 and a year later opened his first photo studio and gallery in California. Over the years his photographs were part of many exhibitions and art festivals. 




" I was always fascinated by the beauty of nature and the diversity of creation on this planet. As human beings we are deeply connected to nature, spirituality and physicality. For some of us nature serves as a healing place, for others as a temple and there are also those whose unconscious acting destroys this precious environment that was given to us. It`s obvious that the work of any landscape and nature photographer is to preserve this beauty of our planet for future generations, but there is also another aspect that I want to add to it. It is that spiritual connection with nature and amazing places that surround us which is for many people in our modern society broken and it always makes me happy when my picture finds a home and helps to heal this disconnection.  Being present in the nature heals the soul and sometimes even the physical body and my goal is to bring a little of this presence into peoples lives through my photography."